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How to use LinkedIn for marketing?

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How to use LinkedIn for marketing?

Do you want to use LinkedIn for marketing? Let’s have a look at these facts before we begin.

  • LinkedIn has more than 590 million users in 2018 which 130 million more than it had back in 2016


  • LinkedIn enjoys more than 260 million active monthly users.


  • More than 61 million users out of them are senior-level influencer while 40 million users are in a decision-making position.


  • It is the biggest platform for B2B business with over 92% of marketers preferring it over other platforms. While 51% of the companies acquired B2C customers using LinkedIn


  • 80% of the B2B leads from all the social media comes from LinkedIn Alone.


These are some of the facts which would want you to use LinkedIn more and more. But do you have a strategy for using LinkedIn as a tool for marketing?

How to do it?

LinkedIn, without a doubt, is one of the most wonderful platforms that will ever be available over the internet for the marketers. It is not any other social media. It is and it will be used by the professionals and the marketers.

People are looking for job opportunities, business clients and even B2B business on Linkedin.

So what are the ways to market your business on LinkedIn?

To answer that question, I would say that the one thing which is a compulsion for marketing no matter what medium you use and what product you use for it, is that content matters. You need to focus on the quality of your LinkedIn content. Just like the popular phrase, ‘The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing’, your LinkedIn content should not just be sales pitches for the product you sell.

You should produce quality and relevant content for your targeted customers which is useful for them. This will not only allow you to build trust but also will give you a chance to sell your products to them the next time.

Grow your network on LinkedIn:

It is very necessary for you to figure out your target audience first. Once that is done, you should search for those on LinkedIn using the proper keywords such as ‘Founder’ which define your targeted audience. You can even put a location filter if you want to target a particular area. Once you set up the location filter, you will only find the users in that area only.

Remember that this is an ongoing process and needs a plenty of time to build a good network. The maximum number of connections that you can have on Linkedin is 30 thousand. So make sure to build a good and effective LinkedIn network.

Create your company’s business page on LinkedIn.

This is a must for every marketer on Linkedin to create a business page for their company. But how to get an audience for your business page is also a considerable question.

For that, I will suggest you that as you grow your network on LinkedIn, you can simply send messages to your connections and ask them to follow your page. Remember, that your message may not need to be a professional but it certainly should be personal. You can start with a greeting. But you also need to give care to the relevance of the message for the receiver. Tell them about the benefits they will have after following your business page. End the message with a wish.

It may be a little difficult to gain momentum with your company page but it certainly will be fruitful when your efforts start to show its effect. But how can you keep engaging your audience?

By creating regular posts for them. Remember, that it should not be a sales pitch every time. You have to create relevant posts such as regular updates about various topics in your niche, blogs, articles, and you have to keep engaging with your audience more and more.

Find projects by searching keywords in content:

There are a lot of professionals out there who like to find the perfect candidate for their projects. You can often find posts in which the professionals have posted their requirements. You can easily find new clients and increase your customer base by this method.

Go premium:

LinkedIn brings you a lot of amazing features as you go premium. You can send in-mails to those Linkedin users with whom you have not even connected yet. More than that you can even see the entire list of the users who have visited your profile which you can not do with the regular account. You can even access more detailed company data, such as employee distribution, growth by function, and many other. You will also get unlimited searches in your extended network with LinkedIn premium. So, want to use LinkedIn? Go premium.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content:

Increase the reach of your business page by using the LinkedIn Sponsored content. You can choose your target audience, area and budget of your sponsored content. This makes your visibility increase to a greater extent as more and more people get to know about your brand and products.  


So well know now how helpful LinkedIn can be for any of the marketers out there. But you need to make the right strategy for your business. Since LinkedIn mostly consists of professional marketers. You need to put more and more useful content in order to bring more engagement with your audience. Do let us know about your views on our article about LinkedIn for marketing.

Thank you.

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