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Want to build a Website? See these stats first.

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IT industry sure moves fast. We have nearly 2 billion live websites over the world wide web. The Tim Berners-Lee would never have thought about it when they developed WWW in 1989. One of the most amazing facts about this is that a little less than 200 million websites are active at this moment out of the 2 billion.

Have a look at these stats from Internet Live Stats

Number of websites on WWW


At which rate are they growing?

What is more fascinating that the rate at which the number of websites is growing. It reached the one billion mark back in 2016 and has already reached the milestone of 2 billion websites.


number of Websites


Few Common Questions:

Yes, we entrepreneurs understand the worth of having a website for our business. Some get it developed by a third party spending hundreds of dollar for it. Some hire a developer for that. But the question is why just 10% websites out of all are active and the rest 90% is not?


Is their marketing plan was not good enough? The traffic to the website is too low or the conversation rate? Or they had never done the SEO for their website (it helps in improving the rank of a website over a search engine and it is a continuous process).


I think there is a lot more than that into the picture than just the marketing or optimizing a website. The product one company sell, the audience it targets, the mediums it chooses to target them and how well they use those mediums. What is your take on that?

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