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Decoding Facebook Marketing: Step by step guide

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How well are you using Facebook to market your product? Are you getting any benefit out of it? If your answers to those questions are not really positive then this article is just for you. Let us help you in decoding Facebook Marketing.


Why Facebook?

Before answering that question, let us have a look at a list of most used social media websites for marketing by Statista 2018.

social media marketing statistic

Statista 2018


As you can see that 74% of the users on social media use Facebook for marketing. But why it is better than LinkedIn for marketing who sits on the top of this list with 78% of users engaging in the marketing activities? The answer simply lies in the difference of the userbase of the two websites. Facebook has an astonishing amount of 2.23 billion active users (Statista 2018) while LinkedIn has more than 500 million users (Foundation Inc). Due to a large number of active users on Facebook, you can easily find and reach your targeted audience but the catch remains in how you target that audience. More than that Facebook allows you to monitor your growth with its inbuilt analytics tool.


Content Matters:

This should be very clear in the mind of every person who wants to use Facebook for marketing that no one on Facebook wants to see your advertisements and spamming your followers’ timeline with your advertisements may result in losing followers from your page. So how can you market your product on Facebook without the risk of losing followers? The answer is simple- by adding value to it. It may be very hard to gain an audience for your Facebook business page but if you do it right, then you’re certainly going to get the reward for it.


Here is a classy example of content lead Facebook Marketing:

Sarah’s Scribbles: Sarah Andersen is a comic artist who started publishing her work on Tumblr in 2013. You will find her social media accounts and pages filled with her comics about millennials or on the topics which are very relatable to most of the millennials. She has gained more than 2.5 million followers on Facebook itself due to the content she is publishing.

sara's scribbles comic

Here is an example of her work. A comic which describes how carelessly she treats her sketchbook. The post itself has been shared more than 5 thousand times on the facebook due to the relevancy of the post.


sarah andersen comic

Once you start following the page and liking its content, the next thing you know is that she has launched a comic book named Adulthood is a myth back in 2016 which was followed by her second comic book in 2017 and third in 2018 along with calendar and planner. It is a very common understanding that once a user is engaged with the content of any page, he is more likely to buy a product from the page.


How to add value to the content of your Facebook Page?


Give your users what they want. When you target a particular audience for a specific product or service then you need to create a content which is relevant and useful for that audience. That will ensure engagement and higher traffic to your Facebook page and the website as well.


Have a look at some amazing examples of some of the most popular Facebook pages and their content:



UNILAD Gaming certainly understands the emotion of their user base and how much a gamer loves to play video games. Delivering such content improves and enhance the trust value among your user base. Not only that UNILAD Gaming now has more than 3.4 million followers on their Facebook Page. The entire page has the content about or around the video games, reviews, and related products.

unilad gaming




Do I really need to mention how much men love their beard? Growing beard and mustache have been in trend for centuries and is not going anywhere. Beardo for men is a beard and mustache related product based company who posts quotes and jokes which are both inspiring to grow a beard and sarcastic in their own way. That is one of the reasons why men love this page. Let’s have a look at a couple of their post:

beardo for men quote

This quote is certainly a representation of how much men love their beard. But growing beard and mustache can get a little troublesome but don’t worry. Beardo for men has all the answers you need.

beardo for men mustache wax

This is very important to give your users the content which is useful for them. That ensures higher user engagement and improved brand value. Now you may know how Beardo for men has got more than 2.6 million followers.



  • Show your customers that you care:


Users love it when you show that you care for them and that is the reason whenever a company launches a personalized product, it is most likely to get a success. Snickers did something similar back in 2017 when they released snickers with an emotion tag.

snicker of the year

The campaign was running under the slogan “Snicker of the year” where you could gift a Snicker to the person whose personality fits with the emotion written on the bar.


  • Memes:

It is a no-brainer to understand that we all love memes and we all know that memes trend. Memes are not going anywhere in the next one decade at least and that is the reason why the majority of companies are creating and sharing memes and the users enjoy it.

buddybits meme

Even BuddyBits does it who has 2.3 million followers on Facebook. Memes get shared, memes get engagement and memes can bring you a fortune. You should do it too if you have not started it yet.



  • Offers:


Introducing offers for your products can bring you a higher engagement on your posts and websites. You can provide offers regularly or you can also introduce an offer on special occasions such as a festival. Remember, this too helps you show that you care for your customers.

Penguin festival offer
Bigfoot publication offer


  • Introducing Future:


Keep your audience going by telling them about your future products and plans. It is up to you how you are going to show it to them.

intel ad

Intel calls it a new era when they do so. Also by using the taglines such as ‘raising the bar’, ‘setting a level’ etc. also intrigue the users about the products.



  • Videos Sell:


Video content has an immense effect on the users on Facebook but you have to be careful with the videos you create. Just like the textual content, your video content should also be relevant and useful for the users as well as it should be filled with entertainment. If not that then it must be entertaining. Try keeping your video length as short as possible so that it does not become boring at any stage in the video. Here is another example from Intel.


intel i9 processor


Here is a video by Intel which is less than 30 seconds long for their core i9 processors. The Facebook videos certainly perform better than the other type of content but only when it is designed properly.



  • Paid Advertisements:


One of the fastest ways of getting higher engagement on your Facebook page is by running a paid advertisement. You can choose the location, age-group and gender preference for your advertisements. More than that you can monitor the growth by the paid advertisement with the help of Ads manager.

Nescafe paid ads


So what do we learn here?

  1. Facebook can be very fruitful for your business.
  2. Content Quality is the factor which will make you win.
  3. Give preference to your customers.
  4. Do not Spam your followers feed with unnecessary advertisement posts or else you will get unfollowed.
  5. Call for action from your customers on your posts. It can be done in many ways such as offers, competitions etc.


The more relevance, usefulness, and entertainment you add on your Facebook account, the more user engagement you will get on your Facebook page. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your content, start marketing now.

Thank you for reading this post let us know how well did it help you in decoding Facebook Marketing. If you have any query or question about Facebook marketing then do let us know in the comment section.


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