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8 tips for Social Media Marketing.

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8 things I learned in the last one year as an artist and an entrepreneur:

So, it has already been more than a year since I have stepped into the arts and entertainment industry, first as an artist and then as a business person. Here are the 8 best tips I have for you for Social Media Marketing-

1-Cool vs Effective:

Everything that people call cool, does not sell always. As Jon Loomer says, “Getting the Like is easy. It’s a light action. Anything else requires trust.”

2- Don’t shout, just speak:

Good content does not need to be mentioned as a good content. It is the audience who decides what is good and what is not. Don’t brag about it. Don’t spam. Keep creating quality content and it will bring you a fortune.

3- Caption matters:

In order to add creativity or depth in the caption, do not make it complicated. It will immediately turn the audience off.

4- Long post vs Short post:

As long as it is good, it will work absolutely perfect. All you have to do is add value. Length won’t matter much as I have seen long posts doing great and short posts getting ignored. See, you are already into this long post.

5- Know what is the right audience for your product:

Even though I am writing this post about and around art and entertainment industry, but it works everywhere else. Majority of artists try to sell product among the fellow artists (show tickets, subscribers on the YouTube channel, followers on the Facebook page/Instagram handle). They are fellow business persons who are trying to sell their product. Sell it to the ones who are looking for entertainment.

6- Have you explored the channel you are using for marketing?

Since we all are majorly focusing on social media platforms for marketing but have you ever explored it yet? Do you know exactly the number of pictures in a post which has the probability of getting the highest engagement on LinkedIn? It is 8. Or video do you know where the video adverts work better? Is it Instagram or Facebook? How effective are the paid advertisements?

Ask yourself questions. Ask yourself questions every day and look for the answers. That will be the only way to know which platform or what combination of platforms are best for your products along with the right right strategies.

7- #Hashtags:

Hashtags are getting popular day by day but do you know how they work? If you are using hashtags on Facebook, you are doing it all wrong. Pinterest and Instagram are the only platforms where using more hashtags will bring in more audience and engagement. Hashtags are effective on Twitter as well (why won’t they be? It started all there.) but it works in a different way there. You can use the hashtags to join a trending conversation or start your own by making your own hashtags.

8- Traditional marketing vs digital marketing:

I am working in a digital marketing company for the past few months and I know how great digital marketing can turn out for a product when done right. But, hey! Even though it would sound absurd, but traditional marketing works pretty well, still.


Calculate it well, before you invest your money and time whether it be the digital or traditional way of marketing and always keep your targeted audience in mind while you design the marketing plan. Ask yourself if you were that audience, would you like the ad you are posting?

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